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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Heinemann's closing: I may not have noticed without the screaming headlines

by folkbum

People losing their jobs is never a good thing. However, after giving Heinemann's two or three chances over the years I've lived in Milwaukee (note: I still have never eaten at a George Webb's), I remained unimpressed. The food was expensive and uninteresting, and, most importantly, not all that great.

I know it's an institution and whatnot, but if you can't make the food good enough to bring back people like me who enjoy eating out (may as well let someone else wash the dishes, I say), then you're not going to succeed.

On a related note: I'm still looking for a good grilled chicken sandwich since the local Charcoal Grill went under. And not some frilly frou-frou nouvelle world-cuisiney chicken-ish thing, either--just a good grilled breast of chicken on a kaiser roll with some lettuce, mayo, tomato, and maybe a slice of cheese with a pile of tasty fries.

Cafe Centraal has the good fries, but no chicken sandwich. Any suggestions?

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