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Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Random Ten

Another Non-Random Edition

1. "Can't Outrun My Heart" Darryl Purpose from Same River Twice
2. "I Told Him that My Dog Wouldn't Run" Patty Larkin from À Gogo
3. "I'd Run Away" The Jayhawks from Tomorrow the Green Grass
4. "Off and Running" Lucy Kaplansky from The Red Thread
5. "Up and Running" Béla Fleck from Tales from the Acoustic Planet
6. "Run" Catie Curtis from My Shirt Looks Good on You
7. "Run for your Life" Cowboy Junkies from This Bird Has Flown
8. "Run, Baby, Run" Sheryl Crow from Tuesday Night Music Club
9. "Running up the Stairs" Peter Mulvey from Ten Thousand Mornings
10. "Running with the Buffalo" Peter Mayer from Elements

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