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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Schweitzer for President

I realized after I put up that last post on the environment that I hadn't properly introduced myself. I'm Jeremy Young, Arizona/Maryland occasional blogger. I met Jay blogging for the Dean campaign -- and I've been reading here ever since he put up that wonderful post on the Deanblog comparing the nine Democratic Presidential candidates to a baseball team. I also did quite a bit of on- and off-line volunteer work for the doomed Babbitt for Congress campaign here in Arizona. Now I'm working on an ambitious new project, and Jay gave me permission to plug it here.

So -- introducing Schweitzer for President -- the online nerve center for news, views, and field reports on the nascent movement to draft Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer into the presidential race in 2008 (or later).

Why Brian Schweitzer? Because he is the most intelligent, most eloquent politician I have seen in a long time. Because he knows how to frame issues like the environment and individual liberties and progressive values in ways a large majority of the American people can understand. Because he's not afraid to stand up and say "No!" to special interests, or to tell the downtrodden that they matter. Because he's shown he can win in the reddest of red states. Because he's supported strongly by progressives and moderates alike. Because he is honest and decent and kind and visionary.

Don't believe me? Come on over and check out the site. Read some of the articles on the sidebar, or some of the posts on the main page.

P.S. I know this site is pretty much a Feingold site. Truth be told, of all the candidates that have made it clear they're looking at running, I support Feingold the most. But that doesn't mean I can't still try to draft Brian Schweitzer into the race while supporting Feingold as the best of the likely candidates. After all, Kos was able to found a Draft Clark movement and then support Dean.

Oh, and thanks to Jay for letting me post my divergent views on his territory. The courtesy is much appreciated. :)

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