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Friday, May 30, 2008

Wisconsin dislikes Pawlenty

by folkbum

One of the kind of dumb things about SurveyUSA's polling of potential full-ticket (i.e., president and vice president vs. president and vice president) matchups between McCain and Obama is that most people in the country have no idea who, for example, Kathleen Sebelius or Tim Pawlenty are. (The biggest dumb thing is that the odds of any one of the people polled as potential ticket-mates being the actual veep candidate are pretty slim. I mean, Chuck Hagel as Obama's running mate? Come on!)

In Wisconsin, we should actually have a good idea who Pawlenty really is, though. He is Minnesota's governor, which means that probably more people in Wisconsin have heard of Pawlenty and what he's been up to than in other state besides Minnesota itself.

The results? We don't like him. In polling of Wisconsin released today, McCain-Pawlenty loses the state to Obama in every permutation, and McCain-Pawlenty provides the worst matchup of all for the GOP, losing to Obama-Edwards by 15%. Here's the graph; click on the image for a link to SUSA, where you can see the cross-tabs and so forth.

I can't wait for the SUSA poll of Minnesota. (Of note, googling around for this story, I found Minnesota Monitor, which is keeping good track of Pawlenty's VP odyssey here.)

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