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Friday, May 23, 2008

Some weekend links

by folkbum

Here are a couple of things I've had lying around for the last few days that I'm just not going to get to in earnest.

• The real John McCain, in video form or in book review form.

• I've come to like these sites a lot for Dem Primary wonkery: fivethirtyeight and DemConWatch. DemConWatch reminds us that Obama wins, even with FL and MI counted as-is.

• Your "liberal" media: A bunch of xenophobic liars, it seems.

• 620 WTMJ carries Michael Savage's show in the middle of the night when no one can hear it except the sad, pathetic losers who probably find crap like this funny. A few others have already blogged this, but it's worth reminding you: Contact John Schweitzer, the general manager, and let him know what you think of Savage: (414) 967-5521 or email You could also try Tom Parker, the program director: (414) 967-5207,

UPDATE: No offense intended to the non-pathetic, non-losers who don't find Savage's crap worthwhile and instead choose to listen to more reasonable radio as they work/ party/ study/ wrap the tin foil around their heads/ enjoy the quiet of the night/ rob banks/ otherwise engage in productive activities overnight. Apologies.

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