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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Doris Nails It

By Keith Schmitz

Doris Kearns Goodwin was on Morning Joe this morning talking about the Kennedy Administration with presidential adviser Ted Sorenson.

The talk naturally drifted over to the Obama candidacy. In discussing the shift brought about by JFK in the 60's, Dr. Goodwin made the comment that "the Obama campaign has made politics sexy again."

That's the potential that lies ahead. Every 25 years or so a candidate comes along that shuffles the national deck -- TR in 1900, FDR in 1932, JFK in 1960, Reagan in 1980.

The times they are changing. Polls show people are recognizing the role government plays in organizing, investing and stabilizing in society. Young voters -- include evangelicals here -- are becoming more socially aware and environmentally conscious. Those are the voters who cement trends and cause them to last a generation.

The concept of "hands-off" government has run its course and the country is ready to go off in a different direction. The US is falling behind, people know it and fortunately are smart enough to pick up on that it is time to shift gears.

As in these four past administrations, fine minds could find their way into government.

Of course in politics anything can happen between now and November, but as usual history is almost irresistible.

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