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Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Continuing Discontent-One Month Later

by capper

I told you about the winter of my discontent that started a month ago. Since then, my vehicle was extracted from the garage and taken to the body shop. The damages to the vehicle came to $6,000. The body shop is having problems getting the necessary parts shipped to it. It took over two weeks to get the roof in. It has been put in, and is being painted. Unfortunately, the interior part of the roof (the liner, etc) has still not come in yet.

In extracting the vehicle from the garage, they had to literally pull the overhead door out with a front end loader. They were then able to prop up the part resting on the roof of my car and pull it out without doing any further damage---to the vehicle. The garage didn't come out as well.
To add to our discontent, the secondary roof over our trailer had its support beams crack. The roof is bowed pretty good, but at least it didn't collapse. The guy who plows our road came and shoveled it off before it got worse. (Yes, we did provide recompense for his risking his life and three hours of his day for us.)

Last weekend I got to go up there for the first time since the collapse of my garage. The weekend after the incident, the weather was crappy. The weekend after that we needed to get my wife's car fixed, thanks to the multitude of potholes.

It was a rough weekend. I went up by myself, as that my beautiful bride had to pull a shift of mandatory overtime on Saturday. We decided that I should go as that we needed to see what we were going to have to contend with. Here is a picture of the side of the garage:

This is what I got to see first when I pulled into the driveway:

As you can see, the entire side has caved in. Fortunately, we got most of the important stuff out before we had left. Unfortunately, we didn't get one major thing out:

There was so much snow and ice, I couldn't get anything safely out of there. In fact, just after I took the picture of the Lambeauni, another piece of the roof cave in and a part landed about five feet away from me. Needless to say, I got the hell out of there as quickly as I could. I'm not going back in until the snow and ice have melted.

My wife and I got up there again this weekend. It looks pretty much the same. The snow has gone down only about an inch, but the ice is a lot worse. Also, a couple more boards have landed on the Lambeauni, from what I could tell.

From the "misery loves company" file, the local paper reports that a number of buildings, almost all them bigger, newer and more expensive than mine also fell from the weight of this year's record-breaking snowfall. These include a potato storage building at Anthony Farms, one of the largest potato growers in the state. They lost 1500 hundredweight of potatoes and it will cost them half a million to replace the building. A grocery store in Wausau and the Conservation Club in Iola also had their roofs cave in. About five miles from our place, a farmer had his brand new barn go down.

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