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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lying About The Lies

by capper

This morning's edition of the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal has an article updating us on the race for Milwaukee County Executive. The focus of the article is that Walker has unleashed some of his special interest money to run some TV commercials. Big whoop.

But buried in the article is this little nugget:

Tim Russell, Walker's campaign chairman, said the special interests referred to in the ad were the ones that sponsored a series of anti-Walker billboards and a poll.

The "tons of money" line used by Walker in the race was based on news accounts that estimated the billboards cost $20,000 to $40,000 and the poll about $40,000, Russell said.

Now I presume the poll he was referring to was the one done by Progressive Majority Wisconsin, and not the poll done by Walker's friends the month before PMW's. But considering that even if what Russell said was true, it would come out to be about one eighth of what Walker has already gotten from his cronies. Not exactly a ton of money or a convincing argument. More of just a cheap ploy.

As I pointed out earlier, Walker has no shame, and even has his wife lying for him. Now his campaign chairman is doing it.

The billboards that Russell is complaining about were put up were first noticed January 29, 2008. The poll that was done was late November, but the results weren't released until December 17, 2007.

However, in an email from Walker's own campaign, dated November 12, he was already stating the dreaded special interests that were going to be flooding money into the race:

There are less than five months to go until the April 1 election for County Executive. The special interest groups in Madison are rapidly collecting money to attack Scott. You can help. Visit to donate to our efforts today!

So he was whining about the special interest money before the billboards and the poll results were even done, much less reported on.

To recap, Walker has lied about running again, about raising taxes, about privatization, about his educational career, and who knows how much more. Is there anything he won't lie about, just to keep his career as a professional politician alive?

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