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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thumbs

by folkbum

Another in the (very) occasional series wherein I express my approval or disapproval concerning news of the week, happenings, or other trivia through a cute graphic, rather than with my usual long, hard-to-follow, and humorless rants and rambling.

thumbs downThumbs down to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for not having the guts to say that homosexuality is not immoral.

thumbs upThumbs up to Atomic Trousers, the blog of an immoral heterosexual who used to go by the blogonym Dennis York.

thumbs upThumbs up to the Nevada Democratic Party for deciding not to let FOXNews host a debate; after all, one time (in 2003) of watching the team of Tony Snow, Mort Kondracke, Bill Bennett, Sean Hannity, Brit Hume, and Carl Cameron discussing how much of a "snoozer" the "Democrat Candidates Debate" was is plenty for all of us.

thumbs upThumbs up to Bruce Murphy, Brew City Brawler, and Mike Mathias (or am I being redundant?) for asking questions about whether the US Attorney scandal has affected us here.

thumbs upThumbs up to Barbara O'Brien, who is consistently the best summer-upper of that US Attorney scandal. Read this and this and, for fun, this one, too.

thumbs downThumbs down to media bias--conservative media bias, that is.

thumbs downThumbs down to growing income inequality. If you don't click through to see the pretty graph, here's the key: "Median wages have been stagnant since the mid-70s. Today, the wages of everyone below the top 1% are stagnant. [. . .I]t's a grand time to be rich and powerful in America."

thumbs upThumbs up to Kevin Binversie, who is moving to DC for bigger and better things.

thumbs upThumbs up to MadTV for finding a way to mock both Steve Jobs and US foreign policy!

thumbs downThumbs down to ABC for putting "Knights of Prosperity" on hiatus. I was really starting to dig that show.

thumbs downThumbs down to losing your best friend.

thumbs upThumbs up to Mandy Jenkins, who manages to have a positive attitude no matter how much public nudity she has to endure.

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