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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

NCAA Pool, Journal Sentinel Style

by folkbum

(Click for larger, mostly readable image.)

I occasionally get tips and fun items in my inbox, and last night this showed up--the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's NCAA basketball pool.

I'm trying to decide what's more disturbing, that Mandy Jenkins is winning right now, or that the JS design team has the time and wherewithal to whip up a nice graphic like this for their pool standings. It certainly has that JS graphic feel to it, the same font and shaded boxes as you see in the paper all the time.

The Final Four is, of course, UCLA-Florida and Georgetown-Ohio State. Mandy's toughest competition is from news desgner Ken Cleppe, and they've both picked the same two final teams. Mandy has Ohio State to win it (perhaps trying to butter up her future new bosses in Cincinnati?) while Cleppe has Florida. If Georgetown beats Ohio State, though, it looks like someone named "Mayo" will take home the $180 prize.

As for me, I don't bet on stuff. I have this thing where I don't particularly like losing money, so I don't bother to play. How's your bracket?

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