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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pot, Kettle

by folkbum

And to think I was going to give her a "thumbs up" today for being the only one who's making sense on Mayfair mall . . . Oh, well.

. . . Updated to add: My prom-date Owen (and non-panelist Nick) makes the same points I do, but I'm the one who's arrogant?

And, while I'm at it, I didn't ask for this. I am a horrible self-promoter. If I'm in somebody's rolodex, it's not because I'm doing anything to get there. The media people who've had me on--and this is not as regular an occurrence as some might think--have all called me, because someone else recommended me. I got invited to BlogFest 06 in the first place because other people complained that WisPolitics hadn't invited "real" bloggers, not me. (I hadn't even really been aware of the Summit until the invite to be a panelist hit my inbox.) Owen and I were WisOpinion's first blogs of the month (a feature now discontinued), but not--at least in my case--because I submitted my name or lobbied for the recognition. And so on--I don't turn down the spotlight when it comes my way but I basically never, ever go chasing after it.

In fact, I have waged exactly one campaign for blogging honors of any kind in four years, and, perhaps, it's who I beat out in that competition that has Jessica McBride so steamed.

Look, if somebody wants a "summit" of all real citizen bloggers all the time, there's a simple answer: Organize one. (Perhaps the MyFoxMilwaukee people are a good bet to be your media partners.) Seth gives a good description of how interesting such an event could be. So plan it; I'll attend it and promote it and, if you ask, even be a panelist. Until then, I'd appreciate it if you stop blaming me.

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