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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pack Attack

By Keith Schmitz

Sen. George Allen (R-VA), the Confederate Frat Boy who would someday seek to be president, is not only the master of obscure racial slurs but is also not much of a Packer fan as revealed in a book put out by his sister (from the Huffington Post).
Referring to George’s habit of terrorizing a Green Bay Packer fan in their neighborhood, Jennifer wrote that the fan’s mailbox often “lay smashed in the street, a casualty of my brothers' drive-by to school in the morning. George would swerve his Mach II Mustang while Gregory held a baseball bat out the window to clear the mailbox off its post. . . . Lately, the Packers fan had resorted to stapling a Kleenex box to the mailbox post to receive his mail. George's red Mustang screeched up beside us, the Packers fan's Kleenex mailbox speared on the antenna.” [Fifth Quarter: The Scrimmage of a Football Coach's Daughter, page 16]

During the last senatorial campaign in our our state, by the way, the contenders for the GOP shot at Russ Feingold when asked who they admired most in politics, all three said George Allen.

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