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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quote of the Day: Are they daring us to strike?

by folkbum

From the Wisconsin Club for Suckers Growth:
Government unions exist chiefly to enable those who seldom produce anything of value to the real economy to take freely from those who produce value every day.
Really? You think that, say, police offers add no value to society? Prison guards? Mail carriers (don't you want your Christmas cards?)? Teachers? The guys who make sure that your shit doesn't pile up in your basement but rather gets whisked away and dealt with in a safe and environmentally tolerable way?

What about the people who invented the internet on which your stupid email travels to me once a week?

I do not really think any kind of a public-employee strike is worth doing, but it's like these fools are just daring the people who (literally) make the trains run on time (or the planes land safely, or the satellites stay in orbit) to walk away and let the rest of world try to get along without them.

UPDATE: See also Z-Dub.

UPDATE THE SECOND: Jill, of Jill Sixpack, in comments: "You forgot snowplow drivers." That may be true this time, but snow plowing is familiar territory for this here blog. Also, I'm pretty sure the CfG emails emanate from the bowels of hell, so snow's not a big deal for them.

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