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Friday, October 07, 2011

Marine Discusses Wall Street Protest and NYPD: Time for Police to Back Off

Another Dangerous Terrorist Captured -
Oh She's a Bad One for Sure! -
Just Look at Those Eyes
 A Vietnam War combat veteran sees the movement, how it leads, and speaks out. Excerpt:

I remember Vietnam, the real Vietnam, the Vietnam of the Marine rifle squad, the senselessness of it, the suffering. We all knew it as what it was, a huge con.

Now, nobody doubts the War on Terror was the same thing, Afghanistan, the drug producing capitol of the world, Iraq, the farce staged by the Bushites to loot oil and empty America’s treasury.
[See live stream at Global Revolution. Democracy in action; fascism in the street of New York as brave souls - the young, labor, veterans, grow by the day and spread to cities across the country. Panic from the powers that be is next. See also #OccupyWallStreet.]

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