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Friday, September 09, 2011

Not Anti-Crime

By Keith R. Schmitz

Once again Wednesday night, the applause that Hee Haw candidate Rick Perry got when his death penalty orgy was mentioned at the GOP presidential debate proved why these folks have to keep reminding us that they are Christian. Otherwise we'd have no way of knowing.

But what I don't get is the assertion that the death penalty is anti-crime.

It's not for two reasons.

First, the research is rich with proof that it is not a deterrent, except in John MacAdams' world. Compare crime rate in Rick Perry's death penalty paradise and Wisconsin which banned it 162 years ago. You can't.

But the other problem is that often the wrong person goes to glory compliments of the state. So for those who are in the tough on crime crowd, doesn't putting the wrong person to death mean that the real culprit goes free? How is that being tough on crime, especially when in many cases the execution closes the books on the case?

That's not just brutal, that's stupid.

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