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Monday, May 23, 2011

Behold the death of a movement

by folkbum

In the wake of the the May 14 rally at the Wisconsin state Capitol, which was, admittedly, a fraction of the size of early rallies when the number of protestors easily topped 100,000 at least twice, the right was a-flutter with the notion that the Wisconsin pro-union movement was dying. Indeed, the righties declared on the twittums machine, the dwindling numbers proved that Wisconsin protests were a flash in the pan, while tea partiers, whose issues are true and everlasting, will have the staying power.

You probably see where this is going. Photos, please!

(click on the photos for sources)

The first photo is a small part of the crowd at the May 14 rally that was a fraction of the size of the earlier protests--a rally that clocked in between 10,000 and 20,000 people. The headliner for this rally was Jon Erpenbach. Seriously--Erpenbach. 10,000+ people, in the rain, for Erpenbach. (Also, the recalls were in full swing that day; even the failed campaigns drew more than 30,000 signatures to recall the GOP senators who supported the anti-union agenda.)

The second photo was a tea party rally last week in South Carolina. The headliner was potential presidential candidate and tea party favorite Michelle Bachmann. The photo shows SC Gov Nikki Haley. The governor--and, probably, a potential vice-presidential candidate. Don't forget that Sarah Palin, the tea party's prima donna, was outdrawn 3-1 by union protestors in Madison on freaking tax day.

So, yes, one movement is dying. It's not ours.

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