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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sykes Twits Off

by folkbum

There was a time, not that long ago, when Milwaukee radio showman Charlie Sykes embraced the mantle of "alternative media," dubbing himself "the blogfather" of local conservative blogger/typists and maligning any political figure who shunned the blogs and talk radio in favor of the "mainstream media" as foolish and out of touch.

("Alternative media" of course being a relative term: If you can get through that post linked above, one, have a cookie or something, that was hard work; and two, you'll see why I resent Sykes's attempts to bogart the non-MSM label for himself.)

But it should not, of course, come as a surprise that when it suits him, Sykes is happy to use an opponent's association with bloggers and alternative media to attack, as he did by putting the twit in twitter yesterday:

Yes, at the fundraiser for Jason Haas's county supervisor campaign Wednesday, a lot of Jason's friends were there, including me and ZeeDub and capper (whose actual twitternym is @Cog_Dis)--and Chris Abele, whom I had not previously met in person. And I talked with him! As did a dozen or so other people I saw who don't, as far as I and apparently Abele's campaign know, have blogs or even the twitter. But some might! Mostly, though, they were Regular Milwaukee Folk who were trying to get involved in the local election-y stuff. Sykes doesn't even live in Milwaukee County; not only do I live here, I live in the district Jason's trying to get elected to represent!

So I am not sure what Sykes hopes to accomplish with his tweet there, especially since he never bothered to complain about, for example, Ron Johnson at "Drinking Right" with those paragons of media excrescence excellence, the afore-mentioned conservative blogger/typists that are his "blogchildren."

Actually, I am pretty sure: Sykes is simply scared that finally Milwaukee County is free from being run by a Sykes toady--and that auxiliary toady Jeff Stone will sink like one come the election, and now he is desperately scraping for any foothold he can.

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