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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Out Of All the Damage Sykes Does . . .

by bert
. . . on a daily basis, his sloppy use today of what turned out to be a false rumor doesn't move the outrage meter much. Charlie Sykes, both on his WTMJ talk show and on his blog, spread an emailed rumor that gubernatorial candidate Barrett attended a secret fundraiser with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi while she was in Milwaukee attending the national American Legion convention. The state GOP leadership, just about as professional, ran with it.

The Republican party released its attack on Barrett -- which including a drawing of Pelosi handing a bag of cash to Barrett -- based on statements by WTMJ-AM (620) Charlie Sykes and questions from reporters, said Andrew Welhouse, a spokesman for the Republican party.

"At this point it appears that the media report that I based it on was unreliable, so I will pull it back," Welhouse said of the release.

Of course, a lot of us don't see much to raise the eyebrows about a Pelosi-led fundraiser for Tom Barrett even if it were true. Also, the sorry episode also doesn't tell us anything we didn't already know about the integrity of the ex-reporter Sykes.

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