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Monday, August 09, 2010

The best defense against radical Islam

by folkbum

. . . is moderate Islam:
A two-year study by a group of academics on American Muslims and terrorism concluded that contemporary mosques are actually a deterrent to the spread of militant Islam and terrorism. The study was conducted by professors with Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy and the University of North Carolina. It disclosed that many mosque leaders had put significant effort into countering extremism by building youth programs, sponsoring antiviolence forums and scrutinizing teachers and texts.

Radicalization of alienated Muslim youths is a real threat, [Ihsan Bagby, associate professor of Islamic studies at the University of Kentucky] said. “But the youth we worry about,” he said, “are not the youth that come to the mosque.”
Remember that Osama bin Laden wants the Cordoba Initiative to fail just as much as Sarah Palin does.

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