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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Have I mentioned that I read it for the comments?

by folkbum

This morning McIlheran rehashes one crazy conservative myth that we've already dispensed with here, but it only took one comment for more of the crazy myths to appear: "Today we also learn approximately 50% of the US household will not pay a dime in taxes," writes this poor deluded man. Which, of course, is not true: Everyone who works, buys anything, or lives anywhere pays taxes. They may not pay income taxes, which are progressively structured such that the greatest burden falls on those with the most income to spare.

Here's a previous post of mine on the subject, complete with pretty graph; but even the right-wing Tax Foundation notes (see the chart on page 5) that the lowest quintile of households by income still pays about a fifth of their income in taxes at some level.

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