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Friday, February 12, 2010

Charlie Sykes and Paul Ryan: These Guy Are Good!

by bert
Any of us can bitch of course. But there is a reason that radio talk show host Charlie Sykes gets paid to do it all week long.

A Baryshnikov of bellyaching, Sykes is able to leap gracefully on "his" blog from complaining about an idea to cut Medicare when it's a Democratic idea to the geometrically opposite position in support of cuts. He gets from here to there because now the idea is Republican Paul Ryan's.

Paul Krugman of the The New York Times has noticed this same acrobatic about-face by the GOP on the issue of caring for our grannies.
So cutting Medicare by $500 billion is wrong--support Republicans, who [Paul Ryan, to be specific] want to cut it by $650 billion!

As snowboarders would say, that leap was sick.

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