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Monday, June 15, 2009

On books: We don't need a public option!!!!!

by folkbum

I can't believe we're back to this point again. It seems like every ten or fifteen years this book issue rolls around, and the socialists/ collectivists/ communists/ leftwingwackopinktardliberals are once again insisting on overhauling America's book system--the best book system in the world!--for no good reason.

OUR BOOK-DELIVERY SYSTEM IS NOT BROKEN--American advancements in technology keep improving it, in fact--and I don't want those big-government knuckleheads controlling what I can and cannot read! SAY NO TO SOCIALIZED READING!

Any kind of "public option"--and Barack Obama was out at the American Booksellers' Association conference in Chicago today adamantly defending a "public option"--is going to bankrupt us and drive bookstores everywhere out of business. Authors will be told what and how much to write by government bureaucrats and all of us--ALL OF US!--will have our access to reading materials SEVERELY CURTAILED.

Some history is probably in order, for those of you who can't remember the last time we had to fight the LIEberals on this one. The last big fight was HillaryRead. Sure, there was the Readers' Bill of Rights more recently, but that was barely a blip in the long fight against Socialized Reading. HillaryRead was Hilllary's first big project in the Clinton White House. The Clintons had been elected, in part, by promising that they would reform the book-delivery system in this country. Hillary, behind closed doors and in consultation with some of the hardest-left socialists in the country came out with their proposal to give everyone access to GOVERNMENT-FUNDED BOOKS.

Never mind the taxpayer, nosiree, just ram all that new government spending down our throats why don't you. Despite the fact that at the time in America we had a robust, market-driven book delivery system, including local and national book-selling chains, Book of the Month Club, Quality Paperback Book Club, and much much more, KKKlinton thought it would be better to adopt "Canadian" or "European" style LIBRARIES.

That's right--LIBRARIES. For ALL OF US. We'd all get a little card (they were calling it a "library card") and we could all go to these (I shudder to think of it now) "LIBRARIES" where anyone, rich or poor, employed or slacker, could take home books FOR FREE.

Too good to be true, you say. IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

Here's just a short list of all the horrible problems with these "libraries" that were proposed by the Clintons:
  • The selection of books and magazines and newspapers in these "libraries" would be CHOSEN ENTIRELY BY GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS. If the bureaucrats don't like your writing--bam!--there goes your access to readers.
  • Those pink-livered GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS probably wouldn't give a second thought to exposing our children to alternative facts--like the fact that ghey people exist or that the Biblical version of creation is disputed by "scientists."
  • The "libraries" would be paid for WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS. That's right--any slacker welfare queen could walk into any "library" and take home a book that YOU AND I PAID FOR WITH OUR HARD-EARNED TAX DOLLARS.
  • Potentially tens or dozens of people could read just one copy of a book or a magazine in a "library," thereby robbing authors of their well-deserved royalty money. Everyone who reads a book without paying for it is STEALING.
  • There was the potential then to allow these "libraries" to expand beyond just reading material. For example, the Clintons were talking about letting people take home MOVIES and RECORD ALBUMS to watch and listen to. What if people started just copying these things? That further robs hard-working capitalists of their royalties!
  • These books and other media that the "libraries" were going to hand out? Guess what? YOU COULD NOT KEEP THEM! I mean, you go to Borders, you buy a book, and it's YOURS. You OWN it. This is AMERICA, dammit, and we should be able to keep things!
In the intervening years, thankfully, we killed HillaryRead and then elected a good Republican to the White House who would have none of that read-for-free stuff.

Well, except for his Medicare Subscription Magazine Plan--but we all know that that was really just a DEMOCRAT-LIEBERAL plan all along. And look at how much it's eating away at our budget! The US is spending more on Grit than it is on Blackhawk helicopters!

Now we elected this not-even-a-citizen (bet you won't find that birth certificate in any Honolulu "library"!) Barack Hussein Obama and he's at it again demanding a "public option" in any plan to reform our book system. PUBLIC OPTION is LIEberal code for LIBRARIES. Wake up, America! Socialized Reading is making a comeback

What's really bad is that in the intervening years since HillaryRead, the United States has led the world in the advancement of market-driven reading options. I mean, LOOK AT YOUR SCREEN! This is the internet, baby, and it is one of the best information-sharing tools the market has ever devised! Free-marketeers and capitalist engineers slaved away in obscurity and near-poverty for decades before getting the World Wide Web really up and running. But thank God they did! Now everyone (who can pay an ISP) has access to all kinds of free or cheap websites like this one! ([JOKE REMOVED ON ORDERS FROM HIS HIGHNESS SIR GOOGLEBOT])

And booksellers have been able to take advantage of this internet. There's Amazon, which has proven to be the 900 pound gorilla in this fight. They can sell you just about any book you can think of. There are also plenty of systems out there that print-on-demand books that you want but that aren't popular enough to keep in stock. Newspapers and magazines are positively THRIVING in this new era of internet capitalism! And independent booksellers, too! (I'm sure of it, even though I'm not going to check on those facts. It feels true to me.)

But what, the few COMMUNIST ISLAMIST PINKO LIEberals who may happen to read this may ask, what about people who can't afford to buy books on their own?

First of all, it's a BIG FAT LIEberal MYTH that there are so many people (they like to say 46 million) who can't afford to buy books on their own, and millions more, they claim (LIES!) who are under-read because they can't pay for enough reading material. The LIEberals like to claim that there are millions (nine million) of under-read children (whose parents are just welfare-queen baby factory slackers suckling enough already off the public teat). Boo-hoo! I say! I grew up lower-middle-class myself, and you know what? My family found time to read together. So poor people can just suck it because my anecdote trumps the LIEberals' "data."

So, conservatives, my brethren, we must rally! We must KILL the PUBLIC OPTION. KILL THE LIBRARIES! There should NEVER be any GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRAT telling us what we can and can't read! There should NEVER be a GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRAT telling authors and newspapers and magazines what they can and can't write!

Contact your Representatives and Senators now and tell them NO PUBLIC BOOKS! NO SOCIALIZED READING! NO LIBRARIES!

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