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Thursday, February 19, 2009


by folkbum

A reminder that the Wispolitics Budget Blog is indespensable indispensable this time of year.

A reminder of just how close we came to disaster.

A reminder of the Really Big Show Saturday night. You'll be there, right?

A reminder that Mathias, Evers, and Abrahamson need your help now that the primary is over.

A reminder for reader Andy that he doesn't need to spend $3000 on appliances. (I got my first dishwasher for $10, if I remember correctly.)

A reminder to commenters here: I have never banned anyone only banned one person from this site. Ever. In six years. But if your comments have a very high profanity-and-insult-to-content ratio, you'll be gone. That is all. (This item updated.)

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