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Friday, February 27, 2009

But for the Grace of God

By Keith R. Schmitz

I am getting tired of reading the smug, callous and yes, brutish accusations against those who have found themselves in a fix -- often a terrible fix -- during this housing crisis. You know. Calling those left with the short end of the stick losers, lazy and worse.

You don't have to go far to find stories about people who are at the risk of losing their house because the loss of a job, a gash in their pay, a major medical hit, death of a spouse or other economic calamity. I'll start you off with this article from Time.

This is not only ignorant, but in some cases whistling past the graveyard.

Wonder why Obama is so popular? A vast majority of people have jobs, but realize that it could be yanked out from under them in a flash.

The cold icy fingers of the bad economy are finding their way into every neighborhood, even the gated ones.

For those sitting on the side lines patting themselves on the back about their wonderful initiative and their self-assurance that they are better than these people; be grateful the government, your government, is on the job trying to solve this mess that your beloved former president left you.

Or else you too could become a statistic.

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