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Friday, November 21, 2008

This Pirate Thing is Getting Out of Hand

by folkbum

A little while ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down to interview David HB Drake, Milwaukee institution and folksinger, for a short profile to run in next month's Bay View Compass. Among the other yarns he spun, he told me how he fell into his "Graybeard the Ancient Mariner" character, who is not a pirate (real pirates didn't live to have gray beards, he told me) some 20-odd years ago.

He was way ahead of the times, since pirates didn't really come back into fashion until Johnny Depp donned the mascara for them Disney films.

However, Dave told me that the pirate films had been a boon to him and his character, and that, among other things, he's taken to writing an advice column in Pirates Magazine ("America's first full-color pirate magazine," they boast).

Now, I don't want to do anything to take business away from Good Folk like David HB Drake or anything, but it really seems to me like some of these kids growing up on the Johnny Depp movies are just taking things a little too far. Maybe Disney and the American pirate press need to dial it down a little, eh?

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