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Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Cheddarsphere" A Novel

By 3rd Way

The story of Iceland's economic collapse is frightening and fascinating. One of the scariest and most mind boggling anecdotes is the estimate that 75% of the private sector architects in the country lost their jobs in a matter of weeks.

I wonder what all those Icelandic architects are going to do with themselves until people start building again. If I were out of work with no prospect of finding work in my field I might take a stab at writing my version of the great American novel. A novel based on the characters of the Cheddarsphere could write itself.

One character would be a blogging law professor that struggles to fight guilt by association charges in a race for supreme court justice from a 527 flooding the airwaves with accusations that the professor is a right wing extremist with links on his blog to a guy that threatened to kill the president elect. That chapter might be called "Poetic Justice".

If our economy continues to fall apart I might find myself in the same situation as my Icelandic brethren and get a chance to write that novel.

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