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Friday, November 14, 2008

The New Peter DiGuadio: As Bad as the Old

by folkbum

In a post yesterday about what's the become known as "The Eisenstadt Hoax" (see Steve Benen for more), the "new" Peter DiGaudio shows his old colors:
To the nutroots Left, “neocon” is code word for “Jew.” There’s your anti-Semitism. Funny thing is, both filmmakers have surnames which may be Jewish--Gorlin and Mirvish. There’s this theory that the secular Jews are really self-hating and particularly antagonistic toward the orthodox Jews. These may have been the type who sold out their fellow Jews to the Nazis in 1930s Germany.

It may also explain why 78 percent of Jews voted for a presidential candidate with easily distinguishable ties to virulent anti-Semites as well as enemies of Israel and one who is not committed to protection of the Jewish state.
Did you catch that? Aside from the lies about Obama having ties to "virulent anti-Semites," Peter just accused 78% of American Jews of being "the type who sold out their fellow Jews to the Nazis in 1930s Germany." Vote for Obama, he says, and it's just like abetting the Holocaust.

I would link to past instances of this kind of behavior from Peter's old blog but, you know, it's been disappeared.

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