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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Privitize the Profit and Socialize the Losses

By Keith R. Schmitz

Another one bites the dust.

Thanks to the regulations yanked away by the hard work of McCain advisor Phil Gramm, the walls are collapsing on yet another financial firm. This time the once venerable Lehman Brothers.

Bad on so many levels, but of course the worst is that the perpetrators of this debacle will trot out of there with multi-million dollar packages while others eat dirt and us taxpayers may get a piece of the reaction.

So oh please Charlie and the rest of you. I'd rather not hear your sermons on personal responsibility that bubble up when a poor person or a minority transgresses or acts abhorant. I'm am waiting for the denouncements that will never come against those corporate types who screw up and are royally compensated.

Yeah, us liberals dig that ethos of tending to our own houses and we use it on ourselves -- and our kids. But we also like to apply it to those at that level who can most afford it, though there are no punishments or lessons applied.

What's wrong with you people? Is it they can get away with these things because they are white and wear suits?

Is there something in the 50 Rules about this?

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