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Monday, September 29, 2008

Many Risked Lives for Voting Rights

by Michael A. Leon

As the GOP and its allies disparage and even ridicule efforts to fight voter disenfranchisement efforts led by our own Attorney General, it's worth honoring those who risked their lives for seeing voting rights won for all Americans.

Below is a video of Madisonian Jim Zwerg, a Freedom Rider in 1961, giving an interview from his hospital bed after he was beaten in a Montgomery, Alabama bus terminal.

People like rightwing blogger Jim Wigderson (I won't link to the ignoramus) think this sort of civil rights stuff is funny, the fare of those Madison liberals. Many know better.

What goes on the minds of those hostile to seeing that as many people as possible get to cast their vote? I don't even want to know.

I do know that fools like Wigderson need to acquaint themselves of recent American civil rights history though I'm not sure it would engender an appreciation for those who often gave their lives to make the American dream a living reality for all, including blacks and even those who might not have a drivers license.

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