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Friday, September 26, 2008

Johnny Come Lately

By Keith R. Schmitz

It has been just announced that John McCain will be deep in the heart of Dixie at Ole Miss tonight to take on Barack Obama in the long awaited first presidential debate. At least the U of Miss didn't drop $8 million for an Obama solo and I will get to enjoy some glacomole.

No tension here, though perhaps McCain's debate prep was probably just as suspended as his campaign. His supporters better hope not.

At least he won't have that moose in the headlights look that his running mate had during the Couric grilling of an unprepared student taking a pop quiz.

Now the suspense is did his staff interrupt their part time lobbying long enough to cook up another stunt. Maybe McCain will have the word "soy bomb" written across his chest.

My money was on him appearing. Wish there would have been a pool.

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