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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Looking For a Sensenbrenner News Bailout.

by bert
I have not been a responsible news consumer lately, off fishing and working and things like that. Someone help me out here.

Where do I go to find the news items and the talk radio interviews about Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner and how he is denouncing the use of government money to relieve beleaguered investment firms? This financial crisis has been likened to a natural disaster, with metaphors like "tsunami" mentioned countless times. Sensenbrenner has to be out there crying at full throat against this , right, especially since there are not sufficient controls on how that relief money is going to be spent?

The congressman was protesting loudly three years ago, denouncing the $50 billion spent on the hurricane that killed around 1,500 people and left a swath of humanity across three states propertyless. His point was that the use of the money was not being capped and scrutinized, and he crowed later that he was a martyr persecuted by liberals as being heartless.

I realize Sensenbrenner is no longer Judiciary Committee chair, but I also am aware that commercial bankers are the second biggest source of campaign contributions to the congressman, at just under $20,000.

But the amount of taxpayer money at risk here is worth more than 10 Katrina relief bills, and the Bush Administration was asking for it without much congressional control.

That tells me that Rep. Sensenbrenner is loudly denouncing this proposal. I just must have missed it.

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