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Friday, August 29, 2008

Shock and Oh

By Keith Schmitz

(Denver) Was over at Sam's Diner on 15th to again have breakfast with the Morning Joe crew when the news about McCain's pick of Sarah Palin for Veep. 

We at the table got to Pat Buchanan as he passed by and of course popped the question about Palin. Pat said the pick shoots the experience that McCain has been trying to make.

Later caught up with Chris Hayes of the Nation. Not only did he think the pick as bizarre, but desperate.

Back in the room watching the introduction, every clay pigeon McCain flung up could be easily shot down by what we heard last night at Invesco.

Nice woman I'm sure. But what is quite clear is that the McCain camplaign has been thrown in a flurry over the convention week and had to come up with the political equivalent of an accordion, with plenty of buttons to push.

Sarah Palin has a compelling story, but every aspect of her personal background points up to glaring deficiencies in McCain's program? She will be able to give a good speech for sure and claim maverick status, but it remains to be seen when the roof comes crashing in from McCain's lobbyist heavy campaign staff.

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