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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Leakers -- GOP Attacks Full of Hot Air

By Keith R. Schmitz

They just can't help themselves. The savaging of Obama is reaching new depths of the inane, and of course if he attempts to defend himself Sykes and others in talk radio whine "race card." But of course Charlie is supposed to be a NASCAR fan to cozy up with his radio crowd since he isn't an elitist, or at least he'll tell you that over a fine glass of wine.

Obama gives out some common sense advice on how to save energy, and this is what he gets (from Crooks and Liars):
“[Obama] suggested we put air in our tires to save on gas,” McCain told a group of voters. “My friends, let’s do that, but do you think that’s enough to break our dependence on Middle Eastern oil? I don’t think so.”

Well, Obama didn’t say we could break our dependence if we inflated our tires; he said we could save money and improve fuel efficiency. It won’t “break our dependence on Middle Eastern oil” if we open up more of America’s coastlines to oil drilling, either, but it’s suddenly become the basis for McCain’s entire energy policy.

But it seems Republicans really are worked up about this tire thing. Newt Gingrich went on about it on Fox News.

While Gingrich ranted, you could hear one of the Fox News personalities laughing a bit, as if the notion of routine auto maintenance, as a method of improving energy efficiency, was necessarily hilarious.
This clownarchy peddles this nonsense which passes for political dialogue to their sheeple viewers. The sad thing is rather than leaving the attacks to slimy surrogates, the once respected (for whatever reason) John McCain is doing the dirty work himself and may soon come off as bitter.

Bear in mind the small minds on the right still continue this "Al Gore says he invented the Internet" stupidity when he never said he did, but very much did help it come into being.

Why do they do this nonsense? Oh yeah I forgot. They have nothing of benefit for the American people.

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