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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Vote Today!

Here's where I'll be tonight, assuming my insides are not still trying to rip themselves out of my body:
Please join Terry Falk, candidate for School Board District 8, on Tuesday, April 3rd, 8-10:30pm for a Victory Party at The Highbury Pub, 2322 S. Kinnickinnic (Lincoln and KK).

Join supporters in toasting a new era when Milwaukee children's interests will prevail over the inte rests of out-of-state contributors who are pro-privatization and pro-voucher.

Raise a glass with Terry in support of art, music and physical education programs within our public schools.

Let's look forward to having a school board representative who welcomes your phone calls in regard t o concerns that some of our high schools are plagued with disorganization and violence.

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