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Monday, April 09, 2007

Too Close for Comfort

by krshorewood

The suspicion about the Georgia Thompson conviction and its proximity to the November election has oozed past the lefty Badger blogs to the op-ed pages of today's New York Times.

The editorial Another Layer of Scandal raises the point:
"The prosecution was a boon to Mr. Doyle’s opponent. Republicans ran a barrage of attack ads that purported to tie Ms. Thompson’s “corruption” to Mr. Doyle. Ms. Thompson was sentenced shortly before the election, which Governor Doyle won."

Fortunately the fact that Doyle was running against an empty suit and the Rush Limbaugh buffoonery regarding Michael J. Fox on the stem cell issue enabled the campaign to climb over this obstruction.

On the opposite page Paul Krugman as usual nails it:
"...[I]n Wisconsin, ... the Bush-appointed U.S. attorney prosecuted the state’s purchasing supervisor over charges that a court recently dismissed after just 26 minutes of oral testimony, with one judge calling the evidence “beyond thin.” But by then the accusations had done their job: the unjustly accused official had served almost four months in prison, and the case figured prominently in attack ads alleging corruption in the Democratic governor’s administration."

We in Wisconsin know cheesy. And when the aroma equates Limburger and wafts all the way to New York, you know that we are on to something.

More and more it appears that the federal prosecutor's office, which is supposed to be a tool for justice, seems more a means of extracting Democrats from office.

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