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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Good Cause, Bad War

By Bert

This story earlier this past week about the war widow Penny Splinter impressed me. I'm giving a little to her project, which encourages mutual support to those who loved a soldier who has died in our current wars.
Being There-Reaching Out is different from American Gold Star Mothers and Gold Star Wives in that it's open to anyone who was close to a person who lost his or her life in a combat zone far from Wisconsin. Of the 80 or so people expected at this month's gathering in Madison, five are fiancées.

Donations to Being There-Reaching Out can be sent to TCF Bank, 7617 W. Blue Mound Road, Milwaukee, WI 53213. Disclaimer: Neither I nor the Folkbum media empire as a whole can vouch for the integrity of the account or the program.

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