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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Quick Reactions

by folkbum

  • Well, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (and the Club for Growth) have now shown us their playbook. As disappointing (and frustrating) as Linda Clifford's loss was last night, we can feel somewhat reassured by knowing that the balance of the court has not shifted (Ziegler's win maintains the status quo), and we now the hand WMC will be playing next year against Louis Butler. (See Jim Rowen.)

    There also remains the possibility of the complaints against Ziegler working their way far enough up that she may have to resign; remember, we're talking now upwards of 100 or 150 cases in which she violated both the spirit and the plain letter of the state's judicial code of conduct. I realize that chance is remote--and, if it happens, it will look unfortunately like partisan wrangling rather than a necessary step against an unethical judge--but that's one small light we can cling to.

    UPDATE: Welcome, McIlheran readers. My response to him is here.

  • Not all of the school board races turned out as I wanted them too, but the one I helped with did (and that never happens). The next few weeks, before the new board is seated, will be interesting just in terms of what kind of maneuvering will be done before the old board expires. And the new board will have quite a challenge, integrating three newbies (and one oldbie) into the game. My prediction for new board president: Peter Blewitt, again.

  • The folkbum endorsement proved to be the kiss of death as well for Vicky Selkowe in a Madison city council race. Maybe I should just endorse Rudy Giuliani now?

  • There's some very interesting discussion about the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's last-minute hating on Linda Clifford. I don't have a lot to add to what Michael (twice), Xoff, and the Brawler have to say, though I'm curious what you all think.

  • You may have noticed the list of guest-bloggers is getting longer. I'm hoping at least one more person will accept my invitation. I need to rest up my blogging muscles between now and when the state budget fight heats up, so you'll see more posts from other people in the coming weeks. Be nice to them.

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