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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Shorter Silly Season

by folkbum

The 2008 presidential campaign started roughly six seconds after Bush's re-election; it's started getting intense now (and jeebus help the people of Iowa). But we actually have a whole mess of elections before then, some coming up soon.

Here are some things that are interesting, at least to me, about the coming silliness:
  • Quote of the year (day 3 edition):
    Jefferson Davis [. . .] greeted people as they passed through Village Hall, and chatted with a campaign supporter who joined him on his visit there.

    "I supported him in his first run and I'll support him again," said William Brouse, the supporter.
    If Davis gets more than two votes, Rechlicz should demand a recount.

  • Every Milwauke Public Schools board district will have at least three contenders, meaning primaries all around. Three of the five seats will have no incumbent, which is surely what's sparking a lot of the interest. However, I'll tell you that the challengers to the remaining incumbents--Jeff Spence and Joe Dannecker--are not running because they like business as usual with the current (anti-union) make-up of the board. I'm also excited to see Leon Todd in the mix, since he always gets the party started. And it will be kind of interesting to see how board member-turned blogger (invitation only, sigh)-turned candidate Bruce Thompson uses the internets for his campaign.

  • Linda Clifford and Annette Ziegler look like they have some hopeless competition. Sorry, Joseph Sommers, but the loyalties already seem solid.

  • I got the same campaign press release everyone else did from Scott Walker. I thought about writing something this morning, but I couldn't think of anything clever to say about what was obviously a glitch in the Walker campaign's email servers, mistakenly sending out overnight something that should have been delivered, I don't know, last January 3. While the Charlie Sykes Stormtroopers couldn't get enough of Walker's empty and recycled rhetoric, several of the Good Guys were kind enough to remind Walker that, dude, it's over. Your silly season is long past, and you lost. And your "plan," which, especially the eudcation part, sounds suspicously like Mark Green's, lost by eight frickin' percent, already.
And that's all I got today.

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