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Monday, January 01, 2007

Judge Ziegler: We Have a Winner!

I promised that I would announce the winner today of our photoshop contest. I'd like to thank everyone who entered, and Aaron for co-sponsporing the contest. Without any further ado, the winning entry:That was created by David Casper of the blog Ask Me Later. We liked it because it played on the theme of Judge Ziegler's visits to various Justice Centers--here, she's vsiting the Justice League.

Honorable mentions should really go to Dave Diamond's "Star Trek," which was one of the most technically skillful; Patrick's "North Pole," which had a certain timeliness to it; and Puba's "Katrina," which, putting Ziegler in front of the lawless Superdome, also had a theme of justice to it. Update: Also, many thanks to WisOpinion for publicizing the contest early and for putting links to all the entries in one place.

Congrats to Casper, and thanks to Judge Ziegler for making our holidays a little more fun.

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