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Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Random Ten

The The Snow is Now Getting Old Edition

1. "Closer" Joshua Radin from We Were Here
2. "You Can Always be Gone" Catie Curtis from Truth from Lies
3. "Salt Peanuts" Miles Davis from Steamin' with the Quintet
4. "Clarity" Ellis Paul from American Jukebox Fables
5. "All in Time" Don Conoscenti from Paradox of Grace
6. "Too Little Too Late" Michelle Shocked from Mercury Poise
7. "Crazy Love" Erica Wheeler from Almost Like Tonight
8. "New Deep" John Mayer from Heavier Things
9. "Like Bonsai" Susan Werner from Time Between Trains
10. "Tecumseh Valley" Townes Van Zandt from Live at the Old Quarter

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