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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sensenbrenner relies on bushisms

by Bert

Jim Sensenbrenner remains an eager defender of President Bush and the war in Iraq. The Waukesha Freeman told Monday of his arguments for the war at a town hall meeting in Oconomowoc. According to the story, Sensenbrenner makes the same embarassingly ignorant error of fact that our own president made in an interview July 14, 2003. Their explanation of the specific reason for the war was that Saddam Hussein thumbed his nose at the U.N. because he refused to allow in weapons inspectors.

"Although the U.N. passed 17 resolutions calling for Hussein to be open for weapons inspections, few countries were willing to enforce them, Sensenbrenner said."

Check your data. In fact, Hussein caved in to the threats that he would be attacked and allowed in inspectors in November, 2002. So inspectors were allowed in, but Iraq was attacked about four months later anyway.

Of course, there have been other defenses of the war besides this historical mistake about inspectors -- too many, really, to make any one of the defenses credible. Put that aside, though, for a moment and just think about the mental laziness of the leaders we have in charge both in the White House and in Congress during this war.

They are not mentioned in the Freeman story, but Congressman Sensenbrenner also lays some lapdog licks on Bush's latest plan, supporting the idea that escalating the number of U.S. soldiers is the best way to bring our soldiers home. I could also take on that argument here, but I am feeling mentally lazy this morning.

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