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Thursday, June 17, 2010

CRG doubles down on their (probably) baseless complaint

by folkbum

As I noted yesterday, Citizens for Responsible Government demonstrated a remarkable level of irresponsibility and an extreme level of laziness in filing a complaint against Chris "capper" Liebenthal for blogging on work time. (Chris works for Milwaukee County.) [UPDATED to add: This literally does seem to be tit-for-tat after a County employee was caught pimping Scott Walker on County time.] CRG's evidence at the time consisted entirely of four posts all made on either County furlough days, nine days so far this year when Chris was legally unable to do his job let alone blog concurrently, or vacation days that he had publicly announced.

Today CRG makes another post claiming further evidence of Chris's having blogged or commented on political blogs on County time. Sadly for them, they still include all those furlough days. They also include posts or comments made on January 18 (Martin Luther King Day) and May 31 (Memorial Day) and September 7 of last year (Labor Day) when County workers were also not working. CRG was even so thorough in looking for "evidence" that it trolled individual posts at Milwaukee County First looking for comments from Chris, and they cite specifically in their list this comment made on October 9: "And before you get your undies in a bundle, yes, today is a pre-approved vacation day, as was yesterday." So smart enough to look at the comments, but not smart enough to, you know, read them, since CRG thinks Chris made five different posts on County time during those vacation days on October 8 and 9.

So far, there's been no word from the DA's office about whether anything incriminating has been found on Chris's computer (and even if there were something, people smarter about the law than I feel that the DA is the wrong person to be handling this). But if what CRG can muster--a bunch of posts on furlough days and holidays--is representative of what "evidence" exists, our friend Chris is in no real danger.

Also: There's evidence in the Journal Communications server room!

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