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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Citizens for Responsible Government wants irresponsible waste of taxpayer funds

by folkbum--note updates below!

And see Thursday's developments!

Never let it be said that CRG is actually responsible. Today is a perfect example.

They have apparently filed some kind of complaint with the Milwaukee County DA's office about my friend Chris "capper" Liebenthal's blogging, claiming he has been blogging on Milwaukee County time (Chris works for the County).

So let's see what all CRG is not responsible for, shall we?

CRG is not responsible for doing a 20-second google search; if they had, they would have noticed that the four posts in their "evidence" (1 2 3 4) were all posted either on a County furlough day (April 15 UPDATE: and January 15) or a day (May 14) when Chris publicly announced that "today is a paid day off."

CRG is certainly not going to be responsible for whatever time the DA's office spends investigating the complain (I'm sure they'll charge for a lot more than the 20 seconds I took to google the facts up).

And CRG is also apparently not responsible for pushing for any kind of similar investigation into Darlene Wink, who not only was in fact on the internets politicking on County time, but has admitted as such (and that admission curiously corresponds to the disappearance of a pro-Scott Walker blog that had postings up the wazoo made during work hours).

So then what is Citizens for "Responsible" Government really responsible for? A huge waste of time, and perhaps libel or slander lawsuits against the squawkers and bloggers spreading easily-disproved untruths. Not any responsible governing, that's for sure.

Thursday morning updates: Chris has responded, understandably, without providing much actual information. But his allies have stepped up: The Brawler notes the irony of Chris's having been targeted for blogging on a furlough day--"Cap helps balance the county budget and all he gets is a DA probe!" Tom Foley correctly guesses Charlie Sykes's age. And Jason Haas has perhaps the most important reaction, noting that while Chris spends his day toiling away to help the neediest in Milwaukee County only to be rewarded with a DA investigation, Scott Walker regularly rewards his campaign cronies with plum County jobs.

And a further update: Cory Liebmann documents the irresponsibility of CRG's blind support for the very irresponsible Scott Walker.

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