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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Also liars: the Republican apologists commenting on this blog

by folkbum

Last week I offered a fairly blistering screed about how Republicans are callously sitting by and letting the record numbers of long-term unemployed starve rather than do an easy, moral thing and extend benefits.

Predictably, the Republican apologists trolled by here to explain that, no, really, Republicans don't actually want people to starve! The problem is those mean Democrats who keep adding a bunch of unrelated bogus-y stuff to the extension bills that just force Republicans to do the hard work of voting no, for the good of the people.

So word broke this morning that the Senate would be considering an unemployment extension that was essentially stripped down to just that. Gone was aid to states that would have saved thousands of jobs, for example, and many other things that, according to the loyal rightie commenters here, were the death knell of those previous bills.

In short, Democrats caved completely to Republicans demands to trim this bill to the bare bones. According to the commenters to last week's post, this should have been a cinch, right?

And the predictable answer to that question is, of course, no, with Republican Senators voting unanimously nearly unanimously against cloture on this stripped-down version of the bill. It will take at least two weeks before the Senate can get back to the extension. By then, of course, we'll have the June employment numbers (out this Friday) with the topline number expected to be up--if not over 10% again.

So what's the excuse this time? When the teaparterati show up in the comments overnight tonight, what will they use to justify the inhumanity this time? Or will they finally be honest and admit that Republicans are gaming this to boost their chances in November, with the 55% of America touched by this recession the ones really paying the price?

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