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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Why did the teabagger move to Bloomington?

by folkbum

To be as close to Normal as possible. Ba-dum-pum!

McIlheran is talking up the scattered "grassroots" gatherings that happened last weekend under the aegis of an energy-industry-funded anti-tax group, which apparently managed rope in 6,000 of the disaffected and turn them against things like the current energy bill.

So I did a quick googlin' to see if McIlheran had ever gotten so excited over the not-industry-sponsored Fighting Bob Fest, which manages to draw similar-sized crowd of committed activists every year to Baraboo. Any guesses on how often McIlheran lionizes those who demand equality, peace, universal health care, environmental protections, and campaign finance reform? Spoiler alert: He hasn't.

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