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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kudos to the Kohler

by bert
On Sunday the New York Times ran a glowing feature about the job that the John Michael Kohler Arts Center does up in Sheboygan. One New Jersey artist, Gregory Van Maanen, praised it with a little bit of submerged East-Coast chauvinism.
When we think of great museums, we think of places like the Whitney in New York. But this museum is fabulous. It's like the Whitney on mescaline. It's a very trippy place.
I agree. Sorry Milwaukee, but this place is easily the most happening venue in the state.

The Kohler center is best known around Wisconsin for its tremendous bathrooms, which designated artists get to design with support from the Kohler factory. But, as the article documents, its strength is supporting outsider artists -- the untrained, uncompensated, and often obsessed makers of images. (Many are cheeseheads; Remember the fellow Tom Every and his massive scrap-metal Forevertron by Baraboo?)

Whether you think you like art or not, I recommend you check it out if you're in the Sheboygan area. Or want a reason for a trip.

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