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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What's a Senate to Do?

By Keith Schmitz

With the vote today in the Senate over the FISA bill, Bush is holding the war on terror that he so cherishes as a hostage over telcom immunity. In other words, look the other way when the Bush administration sucks the life out of the 4th amendment.

If this free pass passes today this will be the triumph of telcom cash being poured into many pockets, knowing that they will be let off for a crime they may have committed, but we are not supposed to know what it is.

Every one knows that unless this measure is passed, there will be no way for this country to find out who in the Bush administration ordered possible illegal wire taps. It's like Al Capone running the courts in Chicago.

One shouldn't care which political party is perpetrating a crime, but that a crime could have been perpetrated. Isn't this what the rule of law is all about?

When a Senator raises the right hand, isn't protecting the Constitution supposed to be somewhere in the job description? Just asking.

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