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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Confidential to "Recovering Democrat" in Maryland

by folkbum
For months I have asked where Obama’s money is coming from ...
Lucky for you, that information is available free on line. Check it out.
... Only a fool would believe that his record-shattering fund raising is an online miracle caused by a spontaneous flood of support from small contributors. Get real.
There are also other places online to "get real," as you call it, where you can learn that Obama has taken $0 in PAC money and has as many contributors giving less than $1000 as giving more. Thanks for writing, and I hope you "get real" soon enough!

UPDATE: Obama raised an amazing $52 million in June. But more amazing: "June is his second best month ever (he brought in $55 million in February). The stunning tidbit from June's totals is that the average donation has decreased, from around $100 in February to $68 in June."

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