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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Walker Has No Shame

by capper

Way back on December 28th, the Walker campaign sent out an email in the guise of being a letter from Walker's wife, Tonette. The email reads (bold emphasis hers, colored emphasis mine):

I know how busy you are in the middle of the holidays, but I encourage you to read this important message. As the wife of Scott Walker, I know how hard he works for Milwaukee County and how passionately he cares for the prosperity of our great community.

Scott understands the enormous tax burden we face, and with each budget that he has submitted, has kept his promise to hold steady the property tax levy. He also works diligently to create an environment that retains and attracts jobs and residents. We have made incredible progress over the past six years, and Scott continues to work to restore safety, affordability, and pride to our community. Now, the old political machine in Milwaukee is back in action and working to stop our efforts. Our main opponent has publicly stated the need to spend $1 million to smear Scott's positive record of reform. In fact, outsiders such as Governor Doyle and special interest groups in Madison and even Washington, DC are gathering loads of cash to influence our election in April. They desire a politician they can control and want to go back to the time when the County Executive wasn't held accountable. We cannot let this happen, which is why your help is so important.

Will you join Scott in standing up against the political machine that is working to undo all the progress we have made?
I ask that you consider contributing $250, $100, or even $50 to help Scott's campaign. The liberals will stop at nothing to defeat Scott, and we must have the resources needed to set the record straight. Your contribution today will ensure that he is able to spread his positive message of growth to all corners of the county. Please help us by clicking here.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Tonette Walker

Now we return to today, and in the political blog of JSOnline, we see this:

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker today reported a campaign fund balance of $567,058, more than 4 1/2 times that of his challenger, state Sen. Lena Taylor.

Taylor (D-Milwaukee) reported a cash balance of $124,192. Both figures covered the second half of 2007.

The figures were provided by the campaigns, who also were filing them with state and local elections boards.

Walker, who has held his job since 2002, raised $350,418 for the period to $128,712 for Taylor.

Oh yeah, those evil outsiders are just pouring the cash into Taylor's campaign.

It's bad enough that Walker is a proven liar, but does he have to drag his wife down with him?

If you want to help get this liar out of office, please contact Senator Taylor's campaign through this link.

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