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Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Packer Post You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

by capper

Ever since the Packers lost last weekend, there has been continuous coverage and analysis going on in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and around the blogosphere. Many reasons and excuses have been offered up to explain away the loss, of what seemed like a sure win. These included the Pack being out-coached, Favre getting too old, not enough attempts at running the ball, and so forth.

One of the biggest complaints was the lack of a pass rush by the Packers defensive line. Today's JSOnline Packers blog might have the reason for that lack of pressure by our front four. It wasn't lack of skill, but maybe lack of focus? Worried about other things, more important things?

Way too much information from Ruegamer
By Greg A. Bedard
Sunday, Jan 27 2008, 01:37 PM

Green Bay - Not sure if this story made the rounds when New York Giants center Grey Ruegamer was with the Packers. but it's worth repeating (and will be repeated and repeated during Super Bowl week:

Castrating a lamb with your teeth is a pretty simple procedure, really. Grey Ruegamer knows. “You grab the forelegs and pin them to the ground, and then you grab the back legs and throw them on their back,” Ruegamer said.

And when the, uh, target area is exposed, “away you go. It’s the way the Basques do it.”

Ruegamer, a former Arizona State All-American who will return for Super Bowl XLII with the New York Giants, became a practitioner when a family friend, who is Basque, asked for extra help on her working sheep and cattle ranch outside Las Vegas, Nev., where Ruegamer grew up.

A good number of Basques have settled in Nevada — there once was legalized gambling on jai alai, a sport played almost exclusively by Basques, in Las Vegas — and the rancher had about 200 head of young sheep that needed attention.

“I was hesitant,” Ruegamer said with a laugh. “But it is what it is. She needed help. There was beer. Good times. It was worth it.”

Can't say as I blame the defensive line at all on this one. I just hoped he remembered to brush and floss.

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